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compound verb
A compound verb is a multi-word compound that functions as a single verb
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ACT Exam Study Guide ACT Exam Study Guide Oct 24, 2022 Oct 24, 2022 offers everything you need to pass the ACT Exams

Practice tests, video lessons, diagnostic knowledge assessments, and personalized answers help you be ready on test day.

The ACT exam is a national admissions test commonly used by colleges and universities to help determine applicant eligibility. The exam is divided into four subject area tests that cover English, reading, mathematics and science. Students also have the option of taking a writing test. If you're looking for ACT prep assistance that can get you up to speed with exam concepts, questions types and general information, can help! Our study tools and resources can have you ready to earn a passing score in no time.

Here are just a few ways we can help you prepare for the ACT test:

  • Entertaining video courses: We offer courses that cover the entire ACT exam as well as individual subject area tests. All of our ACT courses feature engaging video lessons created by expert instructors, short multiple-choice quizzes and full text transcripts. If questions arise about specific topics explored in the lessons, you can reach out to our online tutors to get the answers you need!
  • Full-length practice tests: With our ACT practice tests, you can refresh your knowledge of exam concepts by answering questions designed to emulate the style, content and format of those found on the actual exam. Each practice test provides you with a detailed diagnostic report that outlines your correct answers as well as areas that need more study time. We also offer an onscreen timer that can track and help improve your testing speeds!
  • Helpful resources: Our ACT resources ensure you have a quality understanding of all aspects of the ACT exam and its subject area tests. Find out the purpose of the exam, learn about its structure and scoring, and discover how to register. Also, get information about accommodations for students with disabilities, test dates and locations, ACT test results and what to expect on exam day!

You can gain full access to all of these study materials by signing up with To find out which to utilize first, consider taking one of our free 15-question practice tests. You will receive a diagnostic report that highlights your areas of strength and points you to study tools that can fix any areas of weakness!

We offer additional tools to enhance your ACT prep process, including a study planner and mobile app. Our customizable planner ensures you never fall behind in your preparation schedule by sending regular email reminders. If you download our mobile app, you can keep up with your studies by accessing our lessons, practice tests and more using your smartphone or tablet.

Preparing for your ACT exam with is risk-free, thanks to our money-back guarantee. So, don't wait any longer. Begin your study process by taking one of our free practice tests today!

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