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I am homeschooled and I was afraid I wouldn't have access to AP classes. Through I have been able to access all the AP classes I would take in a regular school and even advance past where my current classmates are in grade school.
Elizabeth G.
We started homeschooling for our middle schooler in September. has so many resources available and the fact that we can watch videos for any grade level (middle school, AP and college) and get deeper in one topic is extremely helpful. All the lessons are very well organized, explained and easy to understand. The transcripts are very helpful too. Thank you so much for providing us great resources.
Yoko B.
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As a high school junior, I have to say has helped immensely. The short paced videos and quizzes are very descriptive and understandable. I would recommend this to any student/adult looking to earn some college credit or master a specific subject you are having trouble with!
Ehab A.
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