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This was a very useful and stress free way to obtain information...STEM courses are hard enough, and parenting while trying to learn is an exercise in madness but this made the experience easier. The tutor who helped me was patient and kind, and not pushy, which i feel are vital traits for any tutor helping students with calculus.

Yanika C.

I used the 'instant answers' from available tutors and the answer was sent back to me quickly. I was so happy and I got an A+ in my test. Another plus point about this magical website is that...the tutors are very reliable.

Subhreen M.

Amazing experience! I needed that little push to help me understand what was right in front of me!... The tutor really helped me understand what I was struggling with.

Brenda M.

I was honestly very, very happy. I liked the format, and my tutor was great...this was SO PERFECT for my situation this time. Makes me want to use for everything. Fabulous service!!! I had such a positive and helpful experience that I'm riding high on the awesomeness of it.

Kate G.

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history tutoring

Remember: those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it! So, if you have a history of hard times in history classes, those days are over. An online history tutor from can guide you through any and all topics, from ancient history to Asian history. This service provides a convenient and flexible learning option that clarifies concepts ranging American to World History and everything in between! No matter your grade level, history tutoring from puts your struggles in the past!

With online history tutoring, help is always just a click away. Need to get on an online chat with a history tutor to address an immediate problem, or schedule a meeting with your U.S. history tutor or European history tutor? You get 24/7 access, so your history tutor is ready and available to help you finish homework assignments, cram for an exam, or prepare for the SAT, ACT, or other college admissions exam. No question is too tough for our experienced historians.

Whether your homework is covering the Civil War or Civil Rights Movement, the American Revolution or the Industrial Revolution, or dictatorships or democracies, you’ll find our history tutors are up to the task. offers world history tutors, ancient history tutors, Asian history tutors, and tutors for every subject in between! Get help getting the historical facts straight: clarify dates, identify important figures, and get a grasp on key events that shaped the world. Ace that history homework with an ace history tutor!